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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


The universe theory still remains the disputes issue and the scientists explained how this scientific theories works. The scientists explain all different forces and how they worked. Different scientists explain about their findings and how the universe functions. Scientists who have formulated formulae explained the interactions of forces in different planet of the elegent universe and the scientists who formulated this are Albert Estein, Isaac Newton, and Niels Bohr. Four forces such as gravity, nuclear, electromagnetism and weak force were explained on how universe functions. Scientists try to combine all of the four forces together and they have an idea how this universe work.

Albert Estein believes that everything in the Universe is made up of the strings, and it is said that these strings vibrate in order to make all the constituents of nature and is where the string theory began. At the age of 26, Isaac Newton, came up with his three laws, and said that there is a pulling force and pushing force. According to Newton, the force of gravity pulls all the particles towards the centre of the Earth. Newton explain by giving an example of an apple which was falling down from the tree, and were falling because of the two forces acting on the apple, the push and the pulling forces.

According to Green, Isaac Newton said that there is nothing that can go faster than the speed of the light, because the speed of the light is about 3*108m/s. Green also said that if light travels in such a high speed, gravitational disturbance will form the waves. How fast gravity travels led to the formulation of the general relativity. Maxwell comes up with the theory of Electromagnetic force which combined electricity and magnet. Maxwell also said that when the light is moving, it creates dots and dash. Gravity; electromagnetism and string were combined to form one equation. According to Amanda, Niel’s Bohr did not agree with Newton and Estein in that the universe behaves in a predictable way. Bohr says that elements consist of the smallest particles called atoms and Bohr came up the theory of quantum mechanics which predicts the chance about how the universe how works.

Scientists discovered that gravity and electromagnetism, nuclear and weak force are forces which describe how the world works. In 1933, Michael Green explains the theory of quantum mechanics theory; the Universe is formed as a result of the big bang some 14billion years ago. As a result the Universe gets small.

The issue of how the Universe works still remains disputes. This is because different scientists try to unify different questions in describing how the universe functions without reaching the final conclusion. Scientists were also disagreeing with each other about the functioning of the Universe.
g how the universe functions without reaching the final conclusion. Scientists were also disagreeing with each other about the functioning of the Universe.


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