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Sunday, May 28, 2006


Crop circles are the strange patterns that occur in plants such as wheat, corns, grass, oats and barley. These crop circles are very beautiful. They do not occur every where and at any time, but there are specific countries such as USA, Israel, Russia and UK. Some scientists believe that these circles are man made and while others believe that crops circles do occur naturally. They further say that most of these crop circles occur between 11 pm and 4 am. There are different types of crop circles.

Crop circles are found only in the Northern Hemisphere which is surprising. Some of the countries in which crop circles are found include USA, Israel, Russia and UK. In the Southern Hemisphere we do not hear any reports about the availability of the crop circles. Lack of information about the crop circles in the Southern Hemisphere can be attributed to misunderstanding of what the crop circles are.

Each crop circles have its unique shape. Some are triangle, squares, circles, rings and hexagons etc and it is believed that each circle shape has its meaning. The triangular crop circles are found in USA. The evidence or the samples that are taken inside the circle and outside the circle were not the some. The colours of the crops that are found inside the circles are brown in colour while the crops that are outside the circle are green in colour. The information of the different colours inside and outside of the crop circles has been found by studying the soil samples in the laboratory.

There is still no valid information which confirms how the crop circles are made. Some scientists believe that the energy which is present in the formation of the crop circles is affected by the equipments which are used to take photos and other instruments. On the other side people who do visit the crop circles have also reported a wide range of psychological, physiological and emotional effects. While agriculturalists believe that the pesticides are the once responsible in the negative effects in the crop circles.

From the Video viewed, crops found inside the crop circles were found flattened as opposed to the crops found outside the crop circles which were standing firm. The bending of the crops which were inside the crop circles is attributed to the natural causes. In my opinion crop circles are not hoax but real phenomenon.

In conclusion, there are different types of crop circles which are also found in different parts of the world such as USA, Russia, England and Israel. The crop circles also differ in their shapes such circular, ring, triangular, squares and hexagons. The controversy surrounding whether the crop circles are man made or occur naturally remain sketchy. This is because the disagreement among the scientists is still continuing even today.

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