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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


There are many alien species in our county and most of the people are not aware that alien invasive species are poison to natural species. Lantana camara is a shrub found in the bush and is native at central and south part of America (1). Lantana camara preferred to grow in fertile soils, where there is enough water and it can survive drought season.

The height of Lantana camara is 1.8 metres tall. Lantana camara has opposite leaves that are 5 to 12 centimetres long and the wide ranges from 3 to 5 centimetres. The leaves of Lantana camara also have rounded teeth. The leaves of Lantana camara have sweet smelling and hairs. The stem and leaves of Lantana camara are covered by hairs (2).

The fruits of Lantana camara are greenish-blue to black in colour and they are fresh Lantana camara has vigour (poison) that kills Herbivores animals (rabbits, cattle, and sheep) feed on its leaves. The vigour can also cause the sores at the eyes, mouth, and noise to the herbivores animals that feed on its leaves (3).

The research i about the alien invasive species is done and
the results indicated thatSouth Africa is evaded by over 9000 species (4). The researchers also found that 198 of alien species are invaders species and they cause an ecological threat to native species (1). According to the Eden wildy, about 576 million meters square (m2) alien species invade and replace the native plants in KwaZulu-Natal per year (4). This is too bad because the area will end up dominated by alien species.

Lantana camara is regarded as a major problem that is not easy to be controlled. Agricultural and natural lands are the areas that are invaded by Lantana camara. Lantana camara is also a poison crop (coffee and bananas) and human birds and animals contributed on speding the weeds accidentaly. Some people planted Lantana camara at their fence rows not knowing that they plant a toxic plants. Lantana can cause the death to the navitive species and people must stay away from them.

Many solutions can be done to control or reduce spreading of alien invasive species in our home and country as a whole. The programme of working for water must organise an environmental awareness campaign to communities. It will help the people who do not about alien invasive species. Let the community know the danger of the alien invasive species. Landowners must check their land every time. People must carefully clean their cloths after visiting the bush. Medias ( radios, television, and newspapers) can be used to teach people about alien invader plants. Hands can be use to pull the invasive alien species. One can cut down the stem of alien species and apply or spray herbicides on the stem to kill invasive alien species. Tools such as pick can be used to uproot the large plants.


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